Happy Anniversary!

Hello there!

I’m sorry I’ve been MIA these past months. I started a new full-time job in October and then moved into a new (well new to me) apartment in December. Add in the holidays, my DD’s birthday on New Year’s Eve and I felt like I was flying through the end of 2014. Instead of watching the ball drop at the end of 2014 I was busy hosting a sleepover, corralling young girls all the while baking cupcakes.

Somewhere in all the excitement/stress/overwhelming events of the last three months of 2014, I had lost the drive to do anything creative. The only bit of crafting I had done in was working on my ripple afghan and working on a crocheted pillow cover for our futon. I just had no drive. (I’m still working on both LOL :P)

I suppose I was just tired. I was working learning a new job, taking college courses, helping my daughter which her homework and projects, as well as settling into a new place and I was just plain tired. Before I moved I put both my Etsy shops on vacation so that I wouldn’t miss any orders. But now I am grateful now that I took the time off from trying to sell and work on my crafts. I can see I was trying to do too much. I was taking on too much. I was forgetting how much fun it was just to make things. So I decided to simplify what I was providing, what I was making. While its fun to make lots of different things, attempting to sell lots of different things just causes stress and confusion for me. While many people can do it, I would benefit from keeping things simple and taking the time to plan out what I would like to do. This all sounds like common sense but somewhere I forgot to take the time to do this.

When I logged on today I found out it was my blog’s 3rd Anniversary! I find it a perfect time to refresh and rebuild. I will continue to share my projects and gifts as well as my progress in preparing my new work space. Feel free to stick around!

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See Ya!


2014 Christmas Challenge-Hats for Babies


I signed up for the 2014 Twelve Days of Christmas Charity Challenge!

I have always wanted to use my gifts to give back in some way and this specific challenge seemed perfect as I have limited free time!

The challenge consists of making (either crocheting or knitting) hats for preemies and full-term newborn babies and sending to your local NICU. The minimum that a person is asked to complete is 12 hats before the end of the challenge. As a bonus for signing up you will receive a pattern a day from a lovely designer donating a pattern to the challenge.

Head over to Sunset Family Living’s blog for more details and sign up for a great cause and be sure to check in to see my progress ( also so I don’t become a slacker ;))

See Ya,


Welcome to My New Blog!

I decided to start a new blog. I wasn’t too thrilled with the blogger set up and I like the look and accessibility of wordpress as well as receiving so many recommendations to use wordpress.

I will still have my old blog up however I will no longer be posting on it. The link to that blog is here.

To start things off, I’ll be posting regularly (between Friday and Saturday until I can find my rhythm) about things (mostly jewelry at the moment) that I find either in the store or online that inspires me to create my own interpretation. To make this even more fun, after each post I will add to my etsy and artfire shops the item up for sell. Most of my interpretations will be one of a kind and with the items I have on hand so more than likely this may be your only chance to get one of my interpretations!

  I think this will also help with my creative block that I have been suffering from for the past month or so.

Be sure to look out for a new post at the end of this week by Saturday night!

**** UPDATE****

Due to life getting in the way I have yet to post on anything that I intended.

Instead I can show you to recent items that I have put up for sale in my Etsy and Artfire shops!