Lets Get Crafty!

Sorry I’ve been absent.. The holidays tend to be very busy with me because of my pookie’s birthday being the 31st as well as my family is VERY big on Christmas.

As most people have resolutions for the new year, I have new goals.
One goal is to continuously work on something creative besides jewelry making. I started to feel burned out when I had a surplus of orders and then I started feeling a little down when the orders stopped coming. This caused me to neglect my work and my Etsy. My theory is if I am constantly working, I can keep the creative juices flowing and can create more goodies for my lovies. :}

Another resolution is to eat more healthy and to lose weight… still working on getting started with that.

I also need to take my business more seriously. I finally registered as a business with Federal and State and have my FEIN number and my State Sales Tax license.

I purchased a book called Etsy-Preneurship. I’m reading this book so I can really work on getting a steady income and really call myself a entrepreneur.

I also am doing two knitalongs. One Knit-a-long I’m participating with my coworker and my mom on making an afghan. This is something I’ve never knitted and a technique I’ve never done. The other knit-a-long doesn’t start until February first. This is a mystery knit-a-long. I’ve never done one before so I’m really excited especially since I’ve never worked with lace yarn before. This should be interesting.

Last but not least, I am invited to a baby shower on Sunday so I’m encouraging myself to create gifts instead of just buying gifts. I have had great success with this hat in the past so I’m going to make at least two since its really cold out here right now.

I’m working on posting more regularly. My next post will include a treat so be sure to check back soon!

See Ya!